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Regular Dentist Visits at our Johannesburg Clinic

Covering all your General Dentistry needs

There are many areas of General Dentistry covered at our clinic in Johannesburg and the ones specific to each individual patient will depend on the frequency of previous visits to the Dentist and the overall condition of your teeth, mouth and gums. Our aim is to put you at ease and relieve some of the fear that’s often associated with a trip to the Dentist.

I have a fear of visiting the dentist!

Dr. Alter strongly believes that through his calm, gentle and patient approach, he will help to assist you in feeling more relaxed and less fearful about visiting the dentist. All the services performed at the clinic are provided through fair and honest practice and that decisions made regarding dental treatment are made in partnership between himself and you, our valued patient.

Dental Phobia is a common occurrence and one that we will address should you suffer this condition. We walk you through any treatment well in advance and will advise fully on the procedure and the local anesthetic,  pain relief and medication that you may require to put you fully at ease.

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What General Dental Services are offered?

We cover pretty much everything you would expect from an esteemed dental practice with an emphasis on certain complex procedures as well as specialist dental care for Children. With over 40 years practicing dentistry, Dr. Alter Clinic is the perfect choice for private individuals and families alike with specialties in the field of cosmetic smile makeovers.

(Individuals, Families & Children) Whether you choose to get a Dental Check Up Johannesburg once or twice a year, you can always be confident of receiving the utmost quality care and individual attention. Checking on your teeth is an important role in maintaining overall good oral hygeine and regular visits ensure that if problems do arise, they are diagnosed and dealt with quickly.

If required, you may be advised to get a dental x-ray in Johannesburg. This is often necessary to help diagnose potential issues, impacted teeth, bone abnormalities, systs, infections or fractures and allows us to gain a better vantage point before providing other procedures such as fillings or root canal treatments. The process is quick and pain free and helps in building your oral care history.

When teeth become decayed through age, lifestyle or poor care, a cavity or dental Filling may be required to protect the root from becoming exposed and causing pain or sensitivity to pressure or sugary foods. Most cavities (fillings) are performed under a general anesthetic to ensure you don’t feel any pain and is usually a procedure that takes no longer than 30 – 45 minutes.

The dentist will also check the condition of any current fillings you may have in place and can make recommendations if they appear old, loose or in need of replacements. If you have recently lost a filling or your cavity has fallen out, contact us for an emergency appointment.

A crown is a cap that is used to rebuild or strengthen badly damaged, weak or decayed teeth or to repair or replace a piece of tooth that has been broken of chipped off. Usually made from porcelain or ceramic, a Crown is a common procedure that will help restore the aesthetics of a complete tooth. In some cases, a gold crown maybe recommended due to the strength and longevity that it can provide.

Dentures are false teeth which are supported by existing gum tissue and constructed to replace missing or lost teeth, particularly due to age related tooth decay. In the past, dentures were moulded to fit the mouth and were commonly removable until advancements in technology and more modern dentistry techniques allowed for them to be secured in place with dental implants. Not only does this provide better stability but also means they cover less tissue, allowing for improved ability to taste.

Talk to us today about replacing your existing dentures or false teeth or to discuss what options you have for replacing missing teeth.

What if I have a dental emergency?

If you have recently suffered trauma to your teeth, been in an accident, chipped, cracked or lost a tooth we can provide an emergency dental appointment in Johannesburg to assist you at short notice. We can also take last minute or emergency appointments for severe tooth ache or root canal issues, infections, wisdom teeth pains, lost or fallen fillings, swelling of gums or any other symptoms which are painful and require treatment fast. Call us today and speak with the specialist about the issues you are having. We will do our very best to accommodate you and help with your emergency dental treatment.

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