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Looking for a Cosmetic Dentist in Johannesburg?

Does your smile need a makeover?

Dr. Alter is a expert in the field of Cosmetic Dentistry Johannesburg, with over 40 years experience in helping patients to gain a more confident smile. We offer both minor and major cosmetic treatments to enable you to achieve better overall appearance of your teeth. Take the first step today to stop hiding and start smiling.

The secret to a beautiful healthy smile starts with how well we look after our teeth. If you find yourself in the situation whereby you no longer feel comfortable smiling or have lost confidence in the way your teeth look, you may be wondering what can be done to help improve, restore and transform your smile.

What's difference between General & Cosmetic Dentistry?

While general dentistry is focused on the preventative care of your teeth, gums and overall oral hyenine, our Cosmetic Dentists in Johannesburg tend to specialise in improving the look of teeth & gums.

People often ask “Is Cosmetic Dentistry just about improving the look of your teeth?” The short answer is no. In a more general sense, cosmetic dental procedures are indeed performed in cases of a more personal nature but also in those whereby patients truly have concerns whereby their general quality of life is being affected. For example, in cases of patients that suffer from teeth grinding, the stress placed on the teeth and mouth can lead to painful conditions, cracks or chipping of the teeth and require specialist procedures in order to correct.

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What options are available to me?

This really depends on the issues you are facing and the outcome you want to achieve. Is your need for a cosmetic dental procedure down to looks or is it down to another underlying problem? With the professional help and advice on offer at Dr. Alter’s Dental Clinic, we take the time to fully understand your needs, give full personal consultation and provide you with the specialist knowledge needed before you undergo any procedure with us.

A popular choice amongst those looking for Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Johannesburg is that of Porcelain Veneers. This procedure is an ideal solution for a crooked smile, misshapen, worn down, chipped or uneven teeth. The procedure can fix almost anything and provides the sought after Hollywood smile effect by removing discolouration from the teeth’s overall appearance and providing a long lasting, stain resistant finish.

The technical term for this procedure is referred to as Occlusal Equilibration and is designed to target the teeth’s overall alignment with the aim of recovering your natural bite. We achieve this by repairing the effected teeth so that the overall impact on them is reduced to eliminate further damage. Anyone that suffers from teeth grinding, erosion of tooth enamel or decay caused by certain lifestyle choices may opt for this procedure.

Tooth implants are a very common procedure and an excellent option for replacing missing teeth that have been extracted due to severe decay or trauma. A dental implant is an artificial tooth which is commonly comprised of a titanium root post and a crown. This cosmetic dental procedure provides the patient with a new tooth (or teeth), designed, moulded and shaped to look and feel as close to the natural teeth as possible and also assists to restore normal mechanical function in the mouth.

If you suffer from uneven irregularities in your teeth or jaws, our specialist Orthodontics Johannesburg may be an appropriate course of treatment to provide straighter teeth, correct your bite or improve overall facial profile. Orthodontic procedures such as the application of Braces will help to straighten your teeth and close gaps, leaving a more natural looking and problem free smile. Teeth that become crooked can be harder to clean and therefore more susceptible to gum disease or the need for cavities (fillings).

Get that perfect, gleaming, bright smile you have always wanted. We have a range of products and treatments to suit all requirements. Click here for more info.

Which Cosmetic Treatment Option is Best for me?

When you visit Dr. Alter Dental Clinic, you will undergo a full and comprehensive consultation and dental exam to determine what your concerns are, and which option(s) are the best course of action in order to best achieve your smile makeover.

Cosmetic dental surgery varies in complexity, time and cost. Each individuals’ requirements and the results achieved can vary from patient to patient. The combination of science and art requires careful consideration for each case, looking at the condition and structure of the teeth combined with the physical look you would like to achieve.

We want you to be 100% happy with the decisions you make, and our team of experts is here to guide you, offering sound advice and recommendations on our full range of dentistry services to put you at ease with your choices and treatments alike.