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    Dr Alter is widely known as the go to expert for Laser and non-invasive Tooth Whitening in Johannesburg as well as advanced knowledge in root canal treatment and cosmetic dentistry.

    Our priority is to ensure both high quality care and excellent personal service to all our patients and through ongoing training and adapting to new technologies, we continually strive to be the best.

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    Convieniently located Near Melrose Arch

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    Experience comfortable, modern surroundings with state of the art technology and high quality, individual private care from our professional team of expert dental specialists and oral hygienists.

    With our patient and gentle demeanor, you can relax knowing you're in the best possible hands for your treatment.
    What we offer

    Professional Dental Care Services

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    General Dental Care

    Getting regular dental check ups helps fight aging and/or decaying teeth before they become more serious issues

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    root canal treatment johannesburg

    Root Canal Treatment

    Dr. Alter is a specialist in Root Canal treatment with over 40 years experience diagnosing and performing the treatment.

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    Cosmetic Dentistry

    Get the perfect smile with our range of cosmetic dentistry, teeth straightening and industry leading whitening procedures.

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    Philips Zoom! whiter teeth

    Visibly Whiter Teeth in just 2 hours...

    For a simple and cost effective way to get a dazzling white smile, our Philips Zoom! teeth whitening Johannesburg provides an immediate result using safe, pain free and scientifically advanced blue LED light technology which consistently out performs traditional laser treatments.

    With an average result of up to 9 shades whiter, Zoom! whitening treatment effectively combats discoloration caused by stain producing substances such as coffee, red wine & tobacco.
    zoom DIY home teeth whitening kit
    Philips Zoom! For a Whiter, Brighter, more confident smile

    Industry Leading Whitening

    Visit Us – Chose the best Teeth Whitening in Johannesburg and visit us at the clinic to achieve the best results, FAST! Following a full consultation with our Oral Hygienist, the whole process is completed within 2 hours. For an even longer lasting result, we recommend the purchase of a top up kit to be used at home. 

    DIY At HomeIf you prefer to skip the in-clinic procedure, you can opt for a DIY teeth whitening Kit for home use. The end result still provides between 6 – 8 shades whiter but will take longer, anywhere from 8 – 10 days or continued use. 

    Professional Teeth Whitening Johannesburg

    Get the perfect Hollywood Smile

    Over time, our teeth can become discolored or stained, especially due to eating certain foods, drinking red wine or smoking. With our range of tooth whitening treatments, we can help combat the signs of ageing and discoloration and help restore your natural white smile.

    Getting Whiter Teeth is a fast, pain free process which is performed in the comfort of our Clinic in Johannesburg, using the latest Philips Zoom! technology and performed by our qualified Dental Technicians.

    before teeth whiteningAfter teeth whitening
    Meet Our Dental Team

    Our aim is to provide a comprehensive range of services with a dedicated, personal approach

    Dr Avron Alter

    Dr. Avron Alter


    Priscilla Mogomotsi

    Priscilla Mogomotsi

    Dental Assistant

    Saafya Bhyat

    Saafya Bhyat

    Dental Hygienist

    Beryl Tocker

    Beryl Tocker


    Ingrid Riskowitz

    Ingrid Riskowitz


    Ellen Mathibe

    Ellen Mathibe




    why you should choose us

    Qualified Dental Team

    Our Dentists are fully trained specialists in numerous areas of modern dentistry practice and oral hygiene care to ensure you get the very best treatment.

    Latest Technology

    Our clinic uses state of the art technology & modern equipment to ensure peace of mind and long lasting quality dental treatments.

    Full Consultation

    We provide a full consultation prior to beginning any treatment and a discounted consultation fee to new patients. Book online or over the phone.

    Expert Diagnosis

    Utilising 40 years of experience coupled with the best technology, we ensure you are correctly diagnosed and treated accordingly.

    Convenient & Comfortable Clinic

    We provide a relaxed and comfortable environment for your dental needs and we’re located right next to Melrose Arch, Johannesburg.

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